>> 10 November 2012

This month i packed all my stuff into my inventory and did abandon the last little bit of my land. My account goes back from premium to basic at the end of November and the very last thing i will do is to delete the items on the marketplace. It makes me sad after all this time but its also some kind of relaxation to close this chapter now.
To everybody out there, have fun and enjoy your second life.


Hi again

>> 29 August 2011

O.O there are still a lot of visitors in my blog.
So in case you don't know, i still have a plot of land on Dibacco and a little shop there.
I didn't hang up all the hairstyles, but i would say the most important. Also available: some of my favorite plants.
Well, pick the LM in a older post, warp there and have fun with shopping. :D

<3 u all



>> 22 November 2010

Now time has come. I will close the shop next month, reduce my land to a 512qm.
It was a exciting time for me and i met a lot of amazing and intresting people that i will never forget.
Who knows, maybe i will come back one day and start all over.
Once more i made a slideshow (sry but i just love to do this) to say goodbye and so this will be my last post in this blog here.

Enjoy the show and your lives. maybe we will see us again in another one...


Without comment

>> 07 Oktober 2010


Leaving for another world

>> 16 September 2010

Hi everybody

At the end of this month FFXIV will be released and as a big fan of the FF games, i will take part of course.
What does this mean for SL and MAU's & MEJ's?
Well, i can't answer this question yet, but as you can see from the date of my last post here, i was not very active in SL the last few months anyway.
The shop will be open till the end of the year.
That's for sure, but then..... it depends on the earnings that i can make ingame. My rule was always, not to spend any money from outside. As long as i can pay the tier of my land with my ingame income, MAU's & MEJ's will stay on it's place in Dibacco. Everything else will see later.

Please don't send me IM's because i will not get them anyway (full inbox) but if you have a serious question, a problem with a item or a transaction, send me a NC. I will check my account about twice a month.

And now... i wish you all a great time in your first, second and any other life you have :)


Hair updates

>> 20 März 2010

I decided to update some of my oldest hairstyles from 2007. I will not show all of them here now , just the one that are available in seperate boxes.
Others i just replace by the new version and kept the same pic on the box, or sometimes, when it changed a lot, i took a new vendor pic and replaced the old one.

But if a style looks totally new with the update, or the previous version is still sold a lot, then i make a seperate box beside the old one. Just try the demo and decide by your own, what style you prefer.

Arwenesque: (old version: Arven open) an extreme long style that is fuller now and has new flexi settings. It looks softer and more natural. Perfect for photo shootings. It floats around you when you move in a very natural and beautiful way.

Curlyesque: (now guess what the old name is.....yes, it a new version of Curly!)
More parts, new flexi settings, more side bangs, new texture for the hairband gems and more.


Massinga released

>> 13 März 2010

Hello :D

Massinga is finished and available in my shop now.
The box contains the natural color (redish darkblond ;P) and 6 recolored versions from red to black.
Play around in the edit mode to find the perfect tint for you.


New freebie/cheapie corner and a preview

>> 05 März 2010

Hello folks

I have a new corner in my shop, full with hairstyles for 1-10L$. And i will add more the next few weeks. There is still the freebiestand at the market with a lot of styles, so check both places.

Then i want you present my next hairstyle, that i will release next.
I have to adjust some small things and the to script and pack it, so i hope it will be finished within this month.
Have fun. :D



>> 07 Februar 2010

New casual hairstyle. Sculptered and flexi, all 5 colors are included in the box.


New hair

>> 04 Februar 2010

My first hairstyle this year: Afro Blatt
A fantasy style, perfect for fairies, that comes in 2 versions, with or without the flowers.


New organisation

>> 02 Februar 2010

Hey everybody :)

I had to reorganize my whole second life. Since Mej don't pay a part of the tier anymore and i shortened my online time, i want to reduce the amount of my land.
So, i sell 3/4 of my sim and that for a incredible deep price (check inworld).
If someone of you want to buy a smaller part than 1/4, just IM me, i can cut a piece for you.

This means, that i had to reduce the prims on my land (omg, the fight starts again!!).
The shop is more open now,most of the the plants on a new place and the marketplace is reorganized.
I like it even more now :)

Of course i know, that you guys will not teleport to my shop only to see my new furnishing. ;P
For this i made a lot of new plants and there are at least 10 new Freebies!.

At the same time i reduced the price of some of my hair and eyes.
And ND/MD design did update their skin shop (at the market place now).

SLURL Hair shop and market: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dibacco/124/183/110
SLURL Plant skybox: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dibacco/174/158/502


Cute Ava with hair designed by me

>> 16 Januar 2010

Look at this cute avatar and the best is, it's wearing one of my hairstyles ,Daiyu!! ;D

Movie by Melanie Kidd
Her blog: http://gridexpectations.wordpress.com/2009/12/24/heading-for-dance-class/

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